Wednesday, March 4, 2009

You may need surgery...

Here it is: Surgeon's epic new mix that's been doing the rounds. Recorded just recently in February of this year at Wire, a small basement club in Leeds, this set clocks in at just over two hours. Ever since I discovered him, Surgeon has been one of my favorite DJ's. He doesn't care to follow any trends or jump on any bandwagons. Instead, he's been sticking to his guns for years, dishing out bass-heavy tunes to eager clubbers around the world. Amazing music. Brutal, cold-blooded deepness that weaves through genres effortlessly. Don't miss this!

Smear - Agitator
Surgeon - Compliance Momentum
Point B - Creepy Steeple
Gerkin Jerks (Speed J edit)
AFX - Men 1 (loop)
Shed - Wedged Chicken (Martyn's 131 remix)
Smear - Lito
Robert Babicz - Prism
Smear - Perameter
Oliver Ho - Meta 8
Grovskopa - Sex & Violins (Surgeon remix)
BMB 4 Bonus Beats
Marlinspike - Bongo Rocka
PWOG - Maenad
Forward Strategy Group - Applied Generics Side B
Stanislav - Red Day
Various Artists - No. 8
Martyn - Vancouver
Ancient Methods - 2.3
Go Hiyama - Geometrical (Surgeon remix)
Old Grime Whitelabel
2 Men On Wax - O-Zone
Aaron Spectre - Say More Fire
Martyn - Broken
Phase - Morodem (Ben Sims Remix 2)
Speedy J + George Issakidis - Sculpture
Joey Beltram - The Next
Scuba - Ruptured (Surgeon remix)
Nate Williams - Club Patrol
Ritzi Lee - Utility
Bjorn Svin - Eat Like Hawks
Vex'd - Pop Pop
Concrete Cookie with Laura Cetilia + Marc Thomas - A Dry Red Shard
John Heckle (loop)
DJ Bone - Tru Warriors (ritual mix)
DJ Hell - Hot On The Heels Of Love (Dave Clarke remix)
Helicopterface - Positive Collide
Whitehouse - Killing Hurst Give You The Secrets
Surgeon - Intro Version II
Exium - Seleccion Natural 2 (Oscar Mulero remix)
Baby Ford - Normal (AFX remix)
Hiroaki Iizuka - Lowbit
Acen - Life And Crimes Of A Ruffneck
Dead Sound - Bad Thoughts
Luka Baumann - Emergence Nine (Go Hiyama Remix)
Speedy J + Chris Liebing - Maggie
Scorn - The Palomar
Scuba - Twitch (Jamie Vex'd remix)
Surgeon - Klonk part 2
Millsart - Step To Enchantment (Stringent)
Meat Beat Manifesto - Mindstream (The Aphex Twin Remix)
Aphex Twin - Cock/Ver10 (Surgeon reamke)

Download Here!

Aural onslaught.

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