Saturday, March 28, 2009


A little something about the RBMA...

Taking place in a different city every year, the Academy works as follows: applicants must prepare a demo CD of their work, be it original productions, songs, DJ sets and whatnot, along with completing an application questionnaire, and mail it to central Red Bull offices in Cologne, Germany. From there, each application is taken in consideration, with no quota on country or musical genre. From these applicantions, 60 are selected and broken down into two groups of 30, which are then flown in to the location of the respective year's event. For 2 weeks, the participants get to work in the studios at the academy, equipped with the latest gear for music production and performance. Furthermore, they are tutored by the academy's "Studio Team", all experienced music producers in various fields, and take part in lectures executed by guest speakers which range from sound engineers to rappers.

Here's a gold mine that consumes your life in the best way possible...

The Red Bull Music Academy video archive.


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