Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Evening Dubstep

It's Sunday evening, and the sky is finally clear after a rain-filled weekend. Luckily I stumbled upon my new favorite dubstep mix! This weekend, I bring you Ramadanman's recent mix for the excellent Dub War podcast series based in NYC. Ramadanman's superb Hessle Audio label has shown a hunger for variety and experimentation which have quickly placed it among the most forward-thinking sources for fresh dubstep material. This contribution to the Dub War podcast series showcases the sort of minimalism and rhythmic inventiveness that have given Ramadanman a voice in defining the shape of dubstep as it continues to push forward into unexplored territory. Techno, house and ambient are merely tips of the iceberg hinting at what lies beneath. Freshness!


01. Dub-U - 1 Way Running [Unreleased]
02. Mount Kimbie - William [Unreleased]
03. Burial - In McDonalds [Hyperdub]
04. Reform - Bonfire [Unreleased]
05. Ramadanman
- Dayrider [Unreleased]
06. Peverelist - Esperanto [Unreleased]
07. Untold - Discipline [Unreleased]
08. Headhunter - Grounded [Unreleased]
09. Pangaea - Router [Hessle Audio
10. Naphta - Jungle Republic (Ramadanman Refix) [Unreleased]
11. Pangaea - You & I [Hessle Audio]
12. Burial - Shell of Light (Excerpt) [Hyperdub]
13. Scuba - Tense [Hotshore]
14. F - Untitled [Unreleased]
15. Kontext - Plumes (Ramadanman Refix) [Unreleased]
16. Ramadanman
- Blimey (Edit) [Hessle Audio]

Download the mix here or subscribe to Dub War's podcast series via their website!


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